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    Words from our Volunteer in Nepal: January 2024

    January 2024: Luxembourg/Nepal exchange! Social exchanges are essential and interesting in all fields. That's why it's so nice that a school class from Luxembourg and a class from Nepal can connect through a school exchange program. They communicate mainly via online meetings, but have also sent each other letters and cards. For the 11-12 year olds, it's an innovative and instructive experience to be able to discuss and exchange ideas with each other. After some initial difficulties, it's working much better now. We hope that this exchange will continue to be a great success and that we will all learn a lot from it. Tasha

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  • Signature AC20242028 ONGD-FNEL

    Signature of the new Nepal Framework Agreement 2024-2028

    On 31 January 2024, ONGD-FNEL reached an important milestone by signing a new five-year agreement for development in Nepal, in the presence of our President, Mr Kaiser, our Vice-President, Ms Paquet, and our current Project Manager, Mr Jacobs. We are reaffirming our commitment to sustainable development and positive change ! The event took place with enthusiasm and determination in the presence of the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr Xavier Bettel. Our warmest thanks go to all those who made this agreement possible, especially our dedicated local partners. Together, we are ready to make a significant impact in Nepal, empowering communities and creating a better future. Many thanks to MFA Luxembourg, our members, and our valued donors and sponsors for their continued support.

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  • Après une lesson de course avec l'école Balkalyan

    News from our Volunteer in Nepal: December 2023

    December 2023: First month ! Hello from Pokhara ! First of all, best wishes for 2024. It has now been 1 month since I arrived in Pokhara, Nepal. First of all, I met the Right4Children (R4C) team. With another volunteer from England, we visited different schools to see how the organisation works with them. We also started doing some activities with the pupils, which was really fun. Of course, there were also a few sightseeing tours on the programme, as well as a short hike where we had a magnificent view of the mountains. I'm looking forward to being surprised by what next year and next month will bring. See you soon! Tasha

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    TOMBOLA Pascale Seil - The lucky winner receives her prize!

    Congratulations to the winner of our 2023 raffle, who received her superb Ventilo sculpture! We're delighted to share this moment of joy with you. Well done and thank you all for your passionate participation!

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    Working with R4C: Explore, Plan, Achieve

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    Fruitful collaboration with SCLC: Exploration and Planning

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  • Ventilo

    TOMBOLA Pascal Seil - n°50 is the winning ticket !

    We are delighted to announce that ticket no.50 has won the "VENTILO" sculpture for our 2023 Tombola! A big thank you to everyone who took part and helped make this raffle a resounding success.  

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  • 25437-crop-1000x650x90

    Exhibition Paintings & Sculptures in Capellen - 2023 Edition

    Here we go again this year! From 23 November to 10 December inclusive, Frënn vun de Caper Piwitschen and ONGD-FNEL are delighted to invite you to discover the works of Assy Jans, Malou Faber-Hilbert and Thierry Lutz at the "Galerie op der Kap", route d'Arlon 70 in Capellen.   The exhibition is open on Thursday and Friday from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm. There will also be late-night openings in the presence of the artists on Friday 24 November from 6pm to 10pm, and on Sundays 26 November and 10 December between 4pm and 6pm.   Profits from the sale of the artworks on show will be donated to generous charity projects.

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  • invitation charity dinner 2023  pages 1 et 4


    This year, the ONGD-FNEL is pleased to invite you to its Charity Dinner, on Thursday 19 October 2023, at the Home FNEL (61a rue de Trèves, Luxembourg) at 7.30 pm. On the menu: delicious dishes concocted by Chef Anne Knepper. An aperitif will also be available from 6.30pm.   Reservations are open until 16 October 2023, by clicking here or scanning the QR code in the third image. We look forward to welcoming many of you!

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  • DSC04212


    In 2022 we were honoured to receive the special 10th edition ING Solidarity Awards prize for a project run by our partner SAATH, which we support in Nepal. The founding members of this Nepalese NGO had the opportunity to present their projects in Luxembourg last November during our Education for Sustainable Development weeks. They work mainly with women from the Musahar community, which is considered to be the 'untouchable' caste.   Below, a short video clip of our vice-president at the awards ceremony.   Once again, a huge THANK YOU to ING for their support! More information here !  

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  • 341059822 1380343225870482 322829771634087072 n


    As part of our framework agreement in Education to sustainable development, we will be present at the Event "Lët'z cooperate", organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.   June 30, 2023 From 1pm to 7pm Place Clairefontaine, Luxembourg City Free entrance

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  • Livre photo (4)

    A photographic journey through Nepal for €27

    Every year, mission trips are organised to visit the projects supported by ONGD-FNEL. This support is made possible, in part, thanks to your generous donations. This book has been compiled from photos taken by members of the NGO during these trips. It shows the beauty of Nepal, particularly its wonderful, more remote and less touristy regions, where the projects take place.

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  • Livre photo (5)

    A pictorial journey through our photobook for €27

    You are interested in Nepal but haven't had the chance to visit yet ? Or maybe you've already been there, but you'd like to take a trip down memory lane? Don't miss out on a chance to travel through these images.   Discover our brand-new book, which showcases the beauty of Nepal through colorful photographs. You'll also be able to see some of our projects, to which the donations you make are sent!   If you'd like to support the continuation of our activities, treat yourself to a photographic jaunt for €27. 

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  • Picture avril C-Z-T

    April, last month in Nepal for Tamara & Catherine !

    This month started off differently for us than usual. At the beginning of April, we had the opportunity to visit several projects around Pokhara with  some ONGD-FNEL board members. We started in Baglung, where we visited the “DIRDC” project. Among other things, they enable the young beneficiaries to undergo vocational training to become certified tailors or plumbers. On our second day, we had the chance to visit two governmental schools supported by “Right4children”.  Most of the visits took place mainly in the outskirts of Pokhara. Besides the trips  we were also  able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the area. After the two days on site, we hit the bumpy road back to Kathmandu. Tamara drove directly back to Pharping, as the scouts were already waiting for her. Catherine and Zoé had the opportunity to join the visit of “HRDC” ??(Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children). On the 5th of April, there was a big gathering in Pharping where all the partners of the ONGD-FNEL from the Kathmandu valley came to Pharping to spend an evening together and have a traditional Luxembourgish meal. In the following days, Tamara was still very involved in the scout camp and she enjoyed her time with the scout members. It was not only about work, but they also visited famous places in Pharping. Together with the SCLC team they cooked every day delicious nepali food and had a very nice culture exchange during the Newari night. They cooked Newari food and a Newari music- and dance group joined for the evening. The scout team was really motivated and helped SCLC in so many activities for example, they finished the painting work on the second floor from the ALRC site, carried doors and window to the site and made some eco-sitting made of bottles. After the big encounter, Zoé and Catherine headed back to Kathmandu. Catherine used her last three weeks at SAATH to organize a workshop with the beneficiaries of the Hakuna Matata project. In addition to the workshop, she and Zoé organized an online cooking course where they cooked momos with friends and family from Luxembourg. Zoé helped conduct different workshops and started a new English course with new participants again. All in all, it was a very good month for all of us, during which we made memories that we won't soon forget.

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    Franz Fayot visiting SCLC

    May 2nd, Franz Fayot, Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of Luxembourg, Peggy Frantzen, Ambassador of Luxembourg to Nepal, Shree Ram Lamichhane, Honorary Consul General of Luxembourg to Nepal and a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs visited our partner Shikharapur Community Learning Center in Dakshinkali Municipality. Their visit was to observe the agricultural entrepreneurship project for young people and women, which we have been supporting since 2017.

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    A camp of 45 FNEL scouts in Nepal

    During the Easter holidays, a group of 45 FNEL scouts made a camp in Nepal and brought their support and their labor to our project in sustainable and innovative agriculture with SCLC in Pharping. A big thank you to them for their support and open-mindedness, and a heartful thank you to our partner SCLC for its warm welcome and generosity!   Photos : Philippe Dauphin

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  • Picture C-Z article commun mars- manque Tamara

    Better understanding of the work of our Nepali NGOs every day !

    Our three volunteer services are still going very well, and we are developing a better understanding of the work of our Nepali NGOs every day. Catherine had a busy month. Earlier this month, she had the opportunity to participate in a two-day camp with the beneficiaries of the HAKUNA MATATA project in Gorkha. The camp was intended to allow the children to enjoy their time outside of Kathmandu and to take a step back from their daily lives. In addition to the excursion to Gorkha, SAATH also organized a three-day mission to the south of Nepal, to Janakpur. The objective was to visit both AWASAR and PARAHU projects and to make some home visits to former beneficiaries. It was a new experience to walk through the small villages built with clay and straw. Beyond that, it was interesting to see how some AWASAR beneficiaries have created their own small store in their house and are earning money independently. Zoé completed her language course this month. Besides the weekly workshops, the CYC organized a "Youth-Led Activity" called "Community Cleaning Program". In Nepal, garbage disposal is completely different than in Europe. They do not have a regulated waste collection like in Europe. In Nepalese streets, it is very rare to find garbage cans. This is one of the reasons why people just throw their waste in the streets. This program aimed not only to clean up the Swayambhu area, but also to make the youth aware of the importance of the environment and how to properly dispose of their waste. The activity not only had an effect on the youth, but also on the other residents of the area who started to help us. Tamara and the SCLC staff were focused this month, on the Scout Camp that will take place April 3-12 in Pharping. For 10 days, 45 Luxembourg Scouts (FNEL) will engage in several activities. Among other things, they will help to finish the 2nd floor of the Agriculture Learning Resource Centre, they will build ecological constructions, they will have the possibility to meet the beneficial farmers and they will be able to help them in the fields. In all this commitment, they will also have a varied cultural exchange program. The Luxembourg scouts will discover Nepalese food and traditions and will be able to explore Nepal in all its beauty. Tamara was able to assist in the organization of this highly anticipated event. She participated in meetings and helped the staff to prepare the SCLC sites (Bottlehouse and ACRL) to welcome the scouts. In addition to their NGO work, Tamara celebrated the Holi Festival in the beginning of March with her friend who came to visit her. Zoé and Catherine took advantage of the beginning of autumn to go to Pokhara with three other friends for the four-day "Mardi Himal" trek. After the trek, they met Julie (ONGD-FNEL), Tamara and other ONGD members to visit other ONGD projects in the Pokhara area. Catherine, Zoé & Tamara

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  • Picture C-T-Z février à publier

    A great experience ! Testimony of our 3 volunteers in Nepal

    After spending the first two months learning about the culture and our environment, we used the month of February to mainly focus on the projects of our different organizations. Catherine mainly organized monthly workshops and a two-day recreational camp in March for the beneficiaries of the Hakuna Matata project. In addition to the workshops, she also worked with the Awasar project instructors from Janakpur, for whom she prepared online English lessons and embroidery courses.  This means that she had the opportunity to work more closely with the beneficiaries and trainers of the different SAATH projects this month.   Zoe started to organize English classes for the beneficiaries of the Chautari Youth Club. These are daily classes where the basics of the English language are taught and reviewed. Most young people learn English at school. However, the level of public schools in Nepal is not comparable to the level of public schools in Luxembourg and they find it more difficult to use the language in everyday life. The English classes have allowed Zoé to get involved in the organization and develop a project that is part of the Chautari youth club.    Tamara had a very varied month. She participated in two school visits from Kathmandu at the Bottlehouse, inaugurated the digital room at the Agricultural Education Resource Centre (on 11 February - International Women and Girls in Science Day) and did some work at Shikharapur Community School, where she offered guided meditation classes and gave a presentation on Luxembourg to several classes.  She also had time to start her own small projects at the Bottlehouse, a plant stand made of bamboo and recycled bottles and made a birdhouse.   Apart from our projects within the various ONGD-FNEL partnerships, we spent the last weekend of February together in Pharping. The first part of the weekend was spent visiting Tamara's project. She showed Zoé and Catherine the different programmes and buildings of SCLC, the main office, the open school, the agricultural learning resource center, the community school and the bottle house. The short walk across the fields to the Bottlehouse amazed Zoé and Catherine. To end the weekend on a high note, all three went to visit the Asura Cave, a sacred place for Buddhists, and together they hung a prayer flag on a hill behind a famous monastery. This little excursion allowed Zoé and Catherine to escape the urban chaos of Kathmandu and to discover the diversity of SCLC's projects. Moreover, all three of us took advantage of this weekend to exchange and share our different experiences. Happy Holi ! Tamara, Zoé et Catherine

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  • FB-POST-Mullen

    EVENT ! MULLEN IESSEN 17.03.2023

    19H30 APÉRO/20H00 MULLEN-IESSEN 30€ / APÉRO & TAART INCLUS   AU CHOIX : MULLEN MAT FRITTEN, DESSERT A CAFÉ HAM, FRITTEN AN ZALOT, DESSERT A CAFÉ VEGETARESCH LASAGNE, DESSERT A CAFÉ   Et muss ee net un der AG deelhuelen fir Iessen ze kommen. Umeldung  OPPASSEN: Umeldung bis 12.03.2023  

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  • Tamara & chèvre- janvier 2023

    First month in Pharping

    For Tamara volunteering in SCLC project !

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  • Zoé en janvier 2023

    Zoé , First month in Umbrella Organization Nepal

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  • Picture Zoé et Catherine janvier 2023

    Great volunteerings for Catherine and Zoé !

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    Catherine "First volunteering month with SAATH"

    That is a great experience ! Workshop with beneficiairies of HAKUNA MATATA's program

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  • Sans Bord Perdu-signatue p LEMMER

    TOMBOLA Paule Lemmer and the winner ticket is n° 50

    Thanks a lot for your participation !  

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  • Verso avec artistes 2022

    Exhibition Paintings & Sculptures in Capellen

    From December 1st (7 p.m) to December 18th, Frënn vun de Caper Piwitschen and ONGD-FNEL are very pleased to invite you to discover the works of Guy Hary, Pascale Seil & Lucien Roef at Galerie op der Kap 70, route d'Arlon à Capellen. The exhibition is open from Thursday to Friday from 3 to 6.30 p.m.and Saturdays & Sundays from 2 to 6 p.m. The profits from the sale of the exhibited works will be entirely dedicated to generous charitable projects.

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    More information in the Flyer below

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  • Posts réseaux sociaux ongd-fnel FINAL-low

    Semaines de sensibilisation ONGD-FNEL / SAATH

    « L’éducation, un levier pour toute une communauté népalaise »

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    Looking back at the 1st edition of the Nepal Festival

    The first Nepal Festival, organised by 7 Luxembourgish NGOs working in Nepal (Aide à l’Enfance de l’Inde et du Népal, Les Amis du Tibet, ECPAT Luxembourg, ONGD-FNEL, Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg, Association Luxembourg-Népal and Life Project 4 Youth Luxembourg) and the Non-Resident Nepali Association Luxembourg, was a big success! Thank you to all our volunteers and visitors for participating in the event.  A big thank you also to the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action Franz Fayot and the Ambassador of Nepal for Benelux and the EU, H.E. Gahendra Rajbhandari for their presence and support.

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  • Capture FB


    AFTERWORK GIN TASTING 2nd EDITION 07.10.2022/AB 17.30 AUER Kommt a schmaacht mat eis déi neiste Lëtzebuerger Gin-Kreatiounen. Fir ee klengen Häppchen ass och gesuergt. Kaaft äre lokalen Gin op der Plaz!   Prâis 25 euros fir Degustatioun bezuelt gëtt op der Plaz FNEL-Fetschenhaff 61a, rue de Trèves L-2630 Luxembourg

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  • Sans Bord Perdu-signatue p LEMMER

    TOMBOLA PAULE LEMMER! Buy tickets and win the painting Arlequin

    From September 15th to December 1st, you can buy your tickets: -doing a transfer on BLUXLULL LU51 0081 6905 8200 1003 with your e-mail adress in the subject  -or on GOOD LUCK !

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  • WEB FlyerRecto FEstival NEpal2022 1

    1ière Édition du "Festival Népal" 01/10/2022


    Dir hutt Loscht eng kleng Entdeckungsrees ze maachen an dobai an eng aner Kultur anzedauchen ? Dann haalt Iech den 1. Oktober frei an kommt op den éischten "Festival Népal" fir déi verschidden Facetten vum dem beandrockenden Land kennenzeléieren.


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  • Slide1

    Sensibilisatiounsnomëtteg bei den Däreldéieren um Briddel

    Den 18.06 waren d'Martine an d'Anna mam Nepalkoffer ënnerwee an hunn am Scoutschalet um Briddel d'Beaveren besicht.

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  • Lisa cérémonie

    Lisa, last month in Nepal

    "Unfortunately, my stay and my volunteering in Nepal already ended. I can't find the words to describe the last 5 months, there were ups, downs but above all happiness. This experience allowed me to learn not only about the culture and this wonderful country but also about myself. It was an experience that changed me and made me grow. With a heavy heart, I think about everything I experienced the last months. In my last month, there were elections in Nepal. As the schools were closed during the elections, with Hamro Palo we had to stop our usual work. Therefore, we focused more on the elections and made a list with all the female candidates for the elections. One day, Hamro Palo would like to conduct a Workshop or a program that focuses more on politics and women in politics. This list will allow the association once the program for this Workshop is fixed to contact several candidates so that they can share their experience. Towards the end of the month, I used the rest of the days off I still had left to join a friend who visited her family, and again I could discover a new place for a few days. I was in the Terai region in Jhapa, which is in the east of Nepal. This region is not visited by tourists, the inhabitants are poorer and work mainly in agriculture. I discovered a new culture and a very different lifestyle from what I have known so far in Nepal. It is also one of the flattest and hottest places in Nepal. In Jhapa, I participated in a pooja ceremony, a ceremony to sacrifice goats. It was a strange day for me as it was the first time I participated in this kind of ceremony, but it gave me a new insight of their culture. I also visited mango, tea and lychee plantations, where I picked some lychees and mangoes. In Kathmandu, I had the chance to attend a Nepalese wedding. It was amazing, I wore a Kurta (a typical dress in Nepal) and really enjoyed the wedding. I also went to see the aarti at the Pashupatinath temple, where the cremations are made. Seeing hundreds of people praying and singing together was very fascinating for me. It was a very nice evening and once again I learned more about this culture. The end of May was very emotional. I met wonderful people in the last 5 months, and made a few friends, saying goodbye to all of them, was not easy at all. Although I know that one day I will return to this country that I enjoyed a little bit more with every day I stayed there. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who loved showing me their country, who taught me so much about their culture and who made Nepal my home. I would also like to thank Hamro Palo for receiving me into their organization and of course ONGD FNEL and SNJ who allowed me to have this unforgettable experience. Dhanyabad! " Lisa

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  • 20220527 124715-780x437

    ONGD FNEL Collaborative Project

    Shikharapur CLC (SCLC), Being Youth and Right4Children (R4C) are all ONGD-FNEL Luxembourg supported projects who are working in different districts of Nepal in Agriculture, youth and women entrepreneurship, school development and educational improvement. R4C is based in Gandaki while SCLC and Being Youth are based in Kathmandu and Makwanpur. ONGD FNEL brought the idea of collaborative project from 2022. On behalf of all three organizations, we would like to appreciate the idea of collaboration by Program Manager Julie Denève and whole ONGD-FNEL Team. For the educational and infrastructural development of Janata Basic School, situated in Naikhande Village of Thaha Municipality, Being Youth has taken the initiative since few years, while ONGD-FNEL started supporting from 2022 in a project model. For this project, ONGD-FNEL chose SCLC and R4C for the collaboration. R4C is given the responsibility of educational material, school decoration, some parts of school safety, hygiene etc while SCLC is given the responsibility mainly to motivate teachers, parents and local government. SCLC’s main role is to train teachers, mobilize the teachers in positive way and motivate the parents and make them visit school frequently. Another main motto of the SCLC movement is to showcase model schools run by community which has been ranked as successful by government. We have planned for few learning exposures as well. Together with Being Youth, we plan to attract the attention of Thaha Municipality for the overall development of the school. The presence of Municipal members in different programs have proved that we are able to bring their attention. SCLC together with all collaborators will be helping in child development. Volunteer mobilization is another interesting program assigned for SCLC. On, 26th May, Being Youth organized Parent/Teachers Motivational Seminar at the school. Program Manager of SCLC, Mr Niroj Shrestha, Principal of Setidevi Secondary School (Model Government School) and Child Development Expert Susmita KC were present as resource person where nearly 75 parents, teachers and municipal members were present. The event went so well that the parents spent whole time with the resource person with keen interest. It became very much interactive as well. After completion of the event, the whole team visited Thaha Municipality to meet and greet newly elected Mayor Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Bista at his office. The visit became very much productive.   Report By: Niroj Shrestha, Program Manager, SCLC

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  • P4012830

    A new project with Being Youth

    In April 2022, we started a new project with the local association Being Youth, to improve the quality and access to education for children at Janata Primary School. The project will last one year for an amount of €31,519. Although being led by Being Youth, a new partner, several existing partners of ONGD-FNEL will collaborate on this project, to bring their expertise and experience: SCLC, Right4Children and OLE Nepal. You will find more information about the project on its dedicated page.

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  • Julie 5

    Fotoexpo "Népal, pays de contrastes" - Vernissage den 7. Mee am Trifolion zu Iechternac

    Villmools Merci un jiddereen, deen leschten Samschden beim Vernissage vun der Fotoausstellung "Népal, pays de contrastes" am Trifolion zu Iechternach derbäi konnt sinn. D'Ausstellung wäert nach bis den 19. Mee op sinn, an dat wärend der Woch vun 12h bis 14h, ausser Weekends. Also kommt nach gären bis laanscht kucken.

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  • 20220509 143746



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  • Lisa Avril

    Lisa, last weeks in Nepal

    Happy New Year! The last month was rich in emotions and celebrations. At the beginning of the month, I spent a few days in the Kavre district in Panchkhal, which is a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. We spent there 3 days, where we stayed at a family’s home from the village. I was lucky to be able to attend the closing ceremony of the Her Turn program once again. Like last month, this ceremony was again very inspiring for me. At several times I was speechless when I saw the young girls talking about taboo topics in front of the whole school. They performed in different ways (dances, speeches and poems) drawing the public's attention to menstruation, early marriage, sexual abuse... The next day we trained two young girls, so that they can conduct the Sneh program, for married, out of school and young mothers. On the last day, we attended the opening ceremony of the Sneh program. These few days spent in this village were very enriching for me, I learned a lot about the life in this village. The moments shared together with my 2 colleagues and the family were amazing, even with an existing language barrier we all had so much fun together. After 15 days, we returned for a day in the Panchkal village to attend the closing ceremony of the Sneh program. Several participants shared what they learned during the program; they were all very grateful that they got the opportunity to attend it. It was a ceremony full of emotions, in fact the participants shared their experiences about struggles they faced in the past, they think that in the future they now know differently how to manage these different situations. In the office, this month I finished the Newsletter where I wrote about all the activities that Hamro Palo has carried out this year so far. In addition, I did the comparison analyses. In fact, at the beginning and the end of each program the participants fill out the same survey. I compared the answers of the two dates, which shows us if the program was effective. Doing these analyzes also shows me how important these programs are. Most participants, for example, did not know before the program what menstruation is or that domestic violence is illegal in Nepal. Julie Denève and several people from the ONGD-FNEL and the Scouts FNEL came to Nepal to visit some projects and to organize a Scout camp planned for next year. I was able to join them for two days. On the first day we visited the Prisoners Assistance Nepal project in Sankhu. The second day was a meeting with the representatives of each organization that ONGD-FNEL supports. The aim was for the different organizations to learn from each other, and perhaps even cooperate. During those days I learned about the different ways and methods that organizations like them use. Apart from my work, I also visited a few new places this month. With my family, which came to visit me for a few days, I was in the jungle in Bardiya. The nature and landscapes were incredible, we saw many animals and even two tigers! With my Nepalese friends I celebrated the Nepalese New Year :) Now I only have one more month left in this wonderful country, while writing this I have tears in my eyes. I am already dreading my last day when I have to say goodbye to all these beautiful people, I met the last few months. However, I am still excited for the next few weeks knowing that a lot is planned so that I take full advantage of my remaining time here. Lisa

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  • Foto 04.04.22, 07 50 05

    Den Nepal – Projete vun der ONGD an Camp am Abrëll 2023

    Vum 29. Mäerz bis de 7. Abrëll war eng kleng Delegatioun vun 5 Leit aus der ONGD FNEL (Martine Faber-Schmit a Julie Denève) an der FNEL (Nora Heinen-Sendel, Philippe Berscheid a Julie Bové) an den Nepal. Et goung engersäits ëm d’Visitt bei eise Projeten an awer och d’Preparatioun vum Nepal-Camp, Ouschteren 2023 ass konkretiséiert ginn.

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  • Maykadifference-2022

    May 9th- Maykadifference- Family charity event

    No 2 Joer Covidpaus sin mir ganz ongedeleg fir den 9ten Mee 2022, um Europafeierdaag, den 3ten Maykadifference ze organiséieren. Em 11:00 Auer geet et lass an dauerd bis 18:00 Auer. Dest Joer ass zur gläicher Zäit och den Beaver Fun Day. Maykadiffernce ass en uerdentlecht Fest, organiséiert vun der ONGD-FNEL fir ganz d’FNELfamill, de Memberen a Frënn vun der ONGD, hieren Donateuren a Partner, de Leit vum Cents- kuerz fir jidferén: Et geet drëm fir  e flotten Daag am Park vun eisem Siège um Fetschenhaff ze verbréngen. D‘ Konzept ass fir zousätzlech vun den Aktivitéiten vun enger traditionneller Scoutskiirmess nach méi ze bidden. Jo, natiirlech ass d’Haptattractioun eist Nepalduerf. Hei kann sech iwert eis Entwecklungsprojet’en informéiert gin, via Projectiounen de Nepal présentéiert kréien an iwert e perséinnlecht Gespréi ach mat de Memberen vum Conseil d’Administration Andreck vum méi wéi 25 Joer FNEL‘sengagement am Nepal kréien. E „Momo“ fir ze iessen an e „Lassi“ fir den Duuscht‘, do kéinnt én méngen wierklech am Nepal ze sin. Op e selleche Verkaafsstänn proposéieren Händler an Artisten hier Wuer. Vun handgemaachten Messeren, Schmuck, bis  Hoodies an T-Shirts mat lockeren Sprëch, dem FNELshop, Label gëlle Fraa an villem méi. Op esou engem Fest därf iessen an drénken net feelen. Mir hun effective Dégustatioun an Verkaf vun de Bordeaux-wäiner „Trocard“, Dreppen vun der Distillerie „clos du Fourschenhaff“, Austeren zervéiert vun de Munnerefer Mais, traditionnellt Gegrill’s, Fritten, Taart. a Pangescher De Must ass awer den Nepalmenu (poulet/légumes curry, riz et papadoms) Bis geschwenn

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  • poster trifiolion 2022-01

    "Népal, pays de contrastes" am Trifolion zu Iechternach

    Hutt Dir Loscht eng bildlech Rees an den Nepal ze maachen an déi villsäiteg Facetten vum Land kennenzeléieren? Wann jo, dann besicht d’Fotoausstellung «Népal, pays de contrastes » am Trifolion zu Iechternach, déi d’ONGD-FNEL an Zesummenaarbecht mam Filmregisseur Marc Hammer realiséiert huet. D’Ausstellung ass op fir den Public vum 6. bis den 19. Mee vun 12h bis 14h, ausser dem 8., 9., 14 an 15. Mee. Den 7. Mee ass den Vernissage um 12h, wou fir Gedrénks, nepalesesch Snacks an flott Animatiounen ronderëm den Nepal gesuergt gëtt. Dir sidd häerzlechst agelueden d’Ausstellung ze besichen.

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  • Atelier partenaires 06.06.2022

    3rd Workshop with our partners in Nepal: a big success!

    Today our 12 partners in Nepal were gathered to share their activities, lessons learned and challenges. It was a great moment to exchange experiences and initiate potential collaboration between likeminded social organisations. A big shoutout to Shikharapur Community Learning Center for hosting this wonderful event!   "It was a wonderful experience to be part of ONGD-FNEL Nepal partners workshop and to share our experience with all the 12 partners involved, and great opportunity to learn from other organization’s experience. Great initiative for exchanging ideas!! And beautifully hosted by SCLC!!" Being Youth’s team

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  • 20191113 100931445 iOS

    Our first framework agreement in ESD!

    We are very pleased to announce the signature with the MFEA of a first Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) framework agreement, covering the period 2022-2024 for a total amount of €185,275. This 3-year framework agreement focuses on Making scouts and other young people more aware of the challenges of providing education and teaching for everyone in Nepal, through learning exchanges among young people.

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  • Bouleaux en juin- Tableau Jean-Marie Biwer

    TOMBOLA Jean-Marie Biwer and the winner ticket is n° 250

    Thanks a lot for supporting our event TOMBOLA JEAN-MARIE BIWER It was a big success Take care & Stay safe

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  • Screenshot 2021-12-13 134531

    Focus on our early-grade reading project with OLE Nepal

    According to a report on a national assessment of early reading, supported by USAID in 2014, 34% of second-graders and 19% of third-graders could not read a single word of Nepali. In fact, Nepali is the national language but a large part of the population speaks the language of their ethnic group as their mother tongue. However, the school is given in the Nepalese language, by teachers who do not necessarily come from the same ethnic group.   With the support of ONGD-FNEL, OLE Nepal is developing interactive digital platform to help early graders develop their basic reading and comprehension skills. They are creating and curating original stories for the platform, to help young learners through the use of familiar images and word references.    The game is based on local stories conveyed orally and on indigenous traditions in order to directly integrate local realities and cultures with which children can identify, and allow better learning.   Some examples: Meezan: Meezan is a free-spirited sensitive young boy who finds joy from his unconditional friendships with animals, fishes, birds. The protagonist is a refreshing change from the usual depiction of how a young boy is. This is also further reiterated by the particular location of the fishing community that he belongs to. Rayo ko Saag: The learning of the days of the week is made highly engaging through the humorous use of actions in different animals that are otherwise associated with humans. Bag bhari ko Rahar: Due to financial constraints, Fulmaya’s family can afford to send only one child to school, and consequently, it is her younger brother who gets the opportunity. It is a scenario that is familiar to the author as she, too, hails from a similar background. A drag and drop game to teach learners about words through the relevance of audio, texts, and images. In this game, the users have to identify the given image and the sound and drag and drop the given letters to form the correct word. A simplified crossword puzzle, where the users will be given visual and audio hints to guide them to drag and drop the correct letters in the puzzle. The words selected for the puzzles have been extracted from EGR stories themselves in hopes of reinforcing what they had learned in the story.   The platform is accessible free of charge and for free download here:    The content is also available on the learning portal of the Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) of the Nepalese Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST). This portal, set up by the government following the first confinement and the closure of schools, has given much more visibility to the content produced by OLE Nepal.

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  • 20211127 084919

    ONGD-FNEL visiting the projects in November 2021

    In November, Julie Denève, ONGD-FNEL's manager visited our partners and established with them the balance of Covid-19 crisis on the field.

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