April, last month in Nepal for Tamara & Catherine !

participants making organic manure

This month started off differently for us than usual. At the beginning of April, we had the opportunity to visit several projects around Pokhara with  some ONGD-FNEL board members.

We started in Baglung, where we visited the “DIRDC” project. Among other things, they enable the young beneficiaries to undergo vocational training to become certified tailors or plumbers.

On our second day, we had the chance to visit two governmental schools supported by “Right4children”.  Most of the visits took place mainly in the outskirts of Pokhara. Besides the trips  we were also  able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the area. After the two days on site, we hit the bumpy road back to Kathmandu.

Tamara drove directly back to Pharping, as the scouts were already waiting for her. Catherine and Zoé had the opportunity to join the visit of “HRDC” ??(Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children).

On the 5th of April, there was a big gathering in Pharping where all the partners of the ONGD-FNEL from the Kathmandu valley came to Pharping to spend an evening together and have a traditional Luxembourgish meal.

In the following days, Tamara was still very involved in the scout camp and she enjoyed her time with the scout members. It was not only about work, but they also visited famous places in Pharping. Together with the SCLC team they cooked every day delicious nepali food and had a very nice culture exchange during the Newari night. They cooked Newari food and a Newari music- and dance group joined for the evening. The scout team was really motivated and helped SCLC in so many activities for example, they finished the painting work on the second floor from the ALRC site, carried doors and window to the site and made some eco-sitting made of bottles.

After the big encounter, Zoé and Catherine headed back to Kathmandu. Catherine used her last three weeks at SAATH to organize a workshop with the beneficiaries of the Hakuna Matata project.

In addition to the workshop, she and Zoé organized an online cooking course where they cooked momos with friends and family from Luxembourg.

Zoé helped conduct different workshops and started a new English course with new participants again.

All in all, it was a very good month for all of us, during which we made memories that we won't soon forget.