Vision and mission


ONGD-FNEL is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Luxembourg in 1989 . Originating in Luxembourg’s scouting movement (Luxembourg National Federation of Scouts and Guides-FNEL), it supports numerous projects promoting the development of education in Nepal.


ONGD-FNEL promotes the values of solidarity, cooperation, commitment and responsibility by establishing strong local partnerships which ensure that its activities will function properly and bring results.


ONGD-FNEL is an NGO recognised by the Development Cooperation Directorate of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Article 7 of the Law of 6 January 1996 on development cooperation. Donations to ONGD-FNEL are tax-deductible.


All ONGD-FNEL projects are run in close collaboration with reliable local partners. These partners themselves suggest the projects we finance, and they are fully responsible for implementation. In this way we ensure that the responsibility is in Nepal, and there is better continuity in the effectiveness of our actions. We exercise strict control over the use of funds, closely monitor the impact on beneficiaries, and regularly introduce new partners.


In January 2019, ONGD-FNEL signed a new framework agreement with the Ministry covering the period 2019-2023 for a total amount of 3 404 059 €.


In February 2022, ONGD-FNEL signed a new framework agreement on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with the Ministry covering the period 2022-2024 for a total amount of 185 275 €.



Enable young people and adults to succeed in life



Contribute to developing the skills (knowledge) and capacities (know-how) of young people and adults to give them a chance to decome responsible citizens living in dignity. This mission applies mainly to Nepal and Luxembourg (through awareness raising)