Development of our strategy

ONGD-FNEL has been working in Nepal since 1989 and has focused all its activities in this country since 2008. This presence since its inception has allowed us to create a solid network of experts and resource persons to turn to in case of need, as well as in-house expertise on issues specific to this country.


Education is also at the heart of the ONGD-FNEL approach, mainly since 2012 when we have gradually refocused our activities on this theme. This specialization and the network of experts that we have developed over the years allows us to work hand in hand with our partners to better help and advise them when needed.


In 2017, ONGD-FNEL started a reflection on its long-term strategy. The members of the association have decided to go beyond its historic mission (i.e. access to education for all) focusing on creating the conditions necessary for young people and adults to lead a fulfilling and independent citizen's life, by contributing to the development of their community, region and country.


ONGD-FNEL will therefore develop a five-year program, from January 2024 to December 2028, entirely located in Nepal, to support projects and complementary approaches working for the development of education in several forms and aimed at different types of beneficiaries from vulnerable backgrounds. Three factors having a direct implication on the acquisition of skills and the improvement of living conditions were also included: the social reintegration of the vulnerable people; rights awareness raising for local populations and women empowerment.

Our 5 strategic streams