Board of directors and team


Board members

Our Board is composed of 15 members:

First name Surname Status
Loretta BLAU Member
Nancy BRAUN Member
Martine FABER-SCHMIT Member
Paul GEDITZ Member
Josiane HINGER Member
Claude KAISER Vice-president
Jill KOHL Member
Christiane LOOS-SCHONG Member
Nicolas MAGNETTE President
Michèle MAJERUS Member
Pia MEYER Member
Jean-Claude MULLER Treasurer
Mireille NITSCHKE Member
Françoise PAQUET Secretary
Cristina RODRIGUES Member


We have a team of two permanent staff : 

Prénom Nom Statut
Julie DENEVE Project and education to sustainable development Manager
Cécile GODFROY Coordinator & admin, financial, communication and fundraising Manager