Board of directors and team


Board members

Our Board is composed of 15 members:

First name Surname Status
Loretta "Pouss" BLAU Member
Nancy BRAUN Member
Martine FABER-SCHMIT Member
Josiane HINGER Member
Françoise "Frutzi" HOFFMAN Member
Claude KAISER President
Jill KOHL Member
Christiane LOOS-SCHONG Member
Nicolas MAGNETTE Secretary
Michèle MAJERUS Member
Jean-Claude MULLER Treasurer
Mireille NITSCHKE Member
Françoise PAQUET Vice-president
Alphonse "Fons" WEITZEL Member


We have a team of three permanent staff and one temporary employee : 

Prénom Nom Statut
Cécile GODFROY Coordinator & admin, financial, communication, fundraising and volunteering Manager
Julie DENEVE Nepal Projects Manager (on maternity and parental leave until July 2024)
Natasha MPIANA Education to sustainable development and digital communication Manager
Benjamin JACOBS Nepal Projects Manager until July 2024 (maternity and parental leave replacement)