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    Words from our Volunteer in Nepal: January 2024

    January 2024: Luxembourg/Nepal exchange! Social exchanges are essential and interesting in all fields. That's why it's so nice that a school class from Luxembourg and a class from Nepal can connect through a school exchange program. They communicate mainly via online meetings, but have also sent each other letters and cards. For the 11-12 year olds, it's an innovative and instructive experience to be able to discuss and exchange ideas with each other. After some initial difficulties, it's working much better now. We hope that this exchange will continue to be a great success and that we will all learn a lot from it. Tasha

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    Signature of the new Nepal Framework Agreement 2024-2028

    On 31 January 2024, ONGD-FNEL reached an important milestone by signing a new five-year agreement for development in Nepal, in the presence of our President, Mr Kaiser, our Vice-President, Ms Paquet, and our current Project Manager, Mr Jacobs. We are reaffirming our commitment to sustainable development and positive change ! The event took place with enthusiasm and determination in the presence of the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr Xavier Bettel. Our warmest thanks go to all those who made this agreement possible, especially our dedicated local partners. Together, we are ready to make a significant impact in Nepal, empowering communities and creating a better future. Many thanks to MFA Luxembourg, our members, and our valued donors and sponsors for their continued support.

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    News from our Volunteer in Nepal: December 2023

    December 2023: First month ! Hello from Pokhara ! First of all, best wishes for 2024. It has now been 1 month since I arrived in Pokhara, Nepal. First of all, I met the Right4Children (R4C) team. With another volunteer from England, we visited different schools to see how the organisation works with them. We also started doing some activities with the pupils, which was really fun. Of course, there were also a few sightseeing tours on the programme, as well as a short hike where we had a magnificent view of the mountains. I'm looking forward to being surprised by what next year and next month will bring. See you soon! Tasha

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    TOMBOLA Pascale Seil - The lucky winner receives her prize!

    Congratulations to the winner of our 2023 raffle, who received her superb Ventilo sculpture! We're delighted to share this moment of joy with you. Well done and thank you all for your passionate participation!

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    Working with R4C: Explore, Plan, Achieve

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    Fruitful collaboration with SCLC: Exploration and Planning

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