On 31 January 2024, ONGD-FNEL reached an important milestone by signing a new five-year agreement for development in Nepal, in the presence of our President, Mr Kaiser, our Vice-President, Ms Paquet, and our current Project Manager, Mr Jacobs. We are reaffirming our commitment to sustainable development and positive change !

The event took place with enthusiasm and determination in the presence of the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr Xavier Bettel.

Our warmest thanks go to all those who made this agreement possible, especially our dedicated local partners.

Together, we are ready to make a significant impact in Nepal, empowering communities and creating a better future. Many thanks to MFA Luxembourg, our members, and our valued donors and sponsors for their continued support.

Every year, mission trips are organised to visit the projects supported by ONGD-FNEL. This support is made possible, in part, thanks to your generous donations. This book has been compiled from photos taken by members of the NGO during these trips. It shows the beauty of Nepal, particularly its wonderful, more remote and less touristy regions, where the projects take place.

ONGD-FNEL invites you to try its Nepali Khel, an educational and fun online game that will allow you to learn more about Nepal, its culture, its people and its geography. Available in three languages (LU, FR and EN), the game is free and will be launched on September 30 on the website

Have fun and enjoy exploring Nepal!