participants making organic manure

During her mission in Nepal, Natasha, our ESD Manager, also had the opportunity to travel to Pokhara to meet our partner R4C (Right for Children). During these days, she explored various projects and worked with the partner on ongoing projects.

On the first day, Natasha met the R4C team to learn about their projects, in particular the Child Friendly Schools project supported by the ONGD-FNEL. A strategy meeting with Anil enabled the mission to be planned and adjustments to be made to improve the Luxembourg/Nepal exchange.

Natasha visited the Fab School, seeing the facilities and interacting with the trainers and beneficiaries supported by R4C and ONGD-FNEL.


The second part of the mission to Pokhara was devoted to visiting schools, including the Bal Kalyan School, where the classrooms were painted and a playground was built thanks to the projects. This was followed by a visit to the Shree Meghraj School, where Natasha spoke to the teaching staff and shared tips for preparing school exchange workshops. 

She then had the opportunity to meet the exchange students, to whom she introduced Luxembourg and distributed letters from their Luxembourg pen pals.

This section of the mission concluded with the participation and supervision of an interesting and successfull exchange session between the two classes.