ONGD FNEL Collaborative Project

participants making organic manure

Shikharapur CLC (SCLC), Being Youth and Right4Children (R4C) are all ONGD-FNEL Luxembourg supported projects who are working in different districts of Nepal in Agriculture, youth and women entrepreneurship, school development and educational improvement.
R4C is based in Gandaki while SCLC and Being Youth are based in Kathmandu and Makwanpur. ONGD FNEL brought the idea of collaborative project from 2022. On behalf of all three organizations, we would like to appreciate the idea of collaboration by Program Manager Julie Denève and whole ONGD-FNEL Team. For the educational and infrastructural development of Janata Basic School, situated in Naikhande Village of Thaha Municipality, Being Youth has taken the initiative since few years, while ONGD-FNEL started supporting from 2022 in a project model. For this project, ONGD-FNEL chose SCLC and R4C for the collaboration. R4C is given the responsibility of educational material, school decoration, some parts of school safety, hygiene etc while SCLC is given the responsibility mainly to motivate teachers, parents and local government. SCLC’s main role is to train teachers, mobilize the teachers in positive way and motivate the parents and make them visit school frequently.
Another main motto of the SCLC movement is to showcase model schools run by community which has been ranked as successful by government. We have planned for few learning exposures as well. Together with Being Youth, we plan to attract the attention of Thaha Municipality for the overall development of the school. The presence of Municipal members in different programs have proved that we are able to bring their attention.
SCLC together with all collaborators will be helping in child development. Volunteer mobilization is another interesting program assigned for SCLC.
On, 26th May, Being Youth organized Parent/Teachers Motivational Seminar at the school. Program Manager of SCLC, Mr Niroj Shrestha, Principal of Setidevi Secondary School (Model Government School) and Child Development Expert Susmita KC were present as resource person where nearly 75 parents, teachers and municipal members were present. The event went so well that the parents spent whole time with the resource person with keen interest. It became very much interactive as well.
After completion of the event, the whole team visited Thaha Municipality to meet and greet newly elected Mayor Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Bista at his office. The visit became very much productive.


Report By:
Niroj Shrestha, Program Manager,