Better understanding of the work of our Nepali NGOs every day !

participants making organic manure

Our three volunteer services are still going very well, and we are developing a better understanding of the work of our Nepali NGOs every day.

Catherine had a busy month. Earlier this month, she had the opportunity to participate in a two-day camp with the beneficiaries of the HAKUNA MATATA project in Gorkha. The camp was intended to allow the children to enjoy their time outside of Kathmandu and to take a step back from their daily lives. In addition to the excursion to Gorkha, SAATH also organized a three-day mission to the south of Nepal, to Janakpur. The objective was to visit both AWASAR and PARAHU projects and to make some home visits to former beneficiaries. It was a new experience to walk through the small villages built with clay and straw. Beyond that, it was interesting to see how some AWASAR beneficiaries have created their own small store in their house and are earning money independently.

Zoé completed her language course this month. Besides the weekly workshops, the CYC organized a "Youth-Led Activity" called "Community Cleaning Program". In Nepal, garbage disposal is completely different than in Europe. They do not have a regulated waste collection like in Europe. In Nepalese streets, it is very rare to find garbage cans. This is one of the reasons why people just throw their waste in the streets. This program aimed not only to clean up the Swayambhu area, but also to make the youth aware of the importance of the environment and how to properly dispose of their waste. The activity not only had an effect on the youth, but also on the other residents of the area who started to help us.

Tamara and the SCLC staff were focused this month, on the Scout Camp that will take place April 3-12 in Pharping. For 10 days, 45 Luxembourg Scouts (FNEL) will engage in several activities. Among other things, they will help to finish the 2nd floor of the Agriculture Learning Resource Centre, they will build ecological constructions, they will have the possibility to meet the beneficial farmers and they will be able to help them in the fields. In all this commitment, they will also have a varied cultural exchange program. The Luxembourg scouts will discover Nepalese food and traditions and will be able to explore Nepal in all its beauty. Tamara was able to assist in the organization of this highly anticipated event. She participated in meetings and helped the staff to prepare the SCLC sites (Bottlehouse and ACRL) to welcome the scouts.

In addition to their NGO work, Tamara celebrated the Holi Festival in the beginning of March with her friend who came to visit her. Zoé and Catherine took advantage of the beginning of autumn to go to Pokhara with three other friends for the four-day "Mardi Himal" trek. After the trek, they met Julie (ONGD-FNEL), Tamara and other ONGD members to visit other ONGD projects in the Pokhara area.

Catherine, Zoé & Tamara