Our partners and beneficiaries are facing and adapting to COVID-19

participants making organic manure

“SCLC could not implement many of its planned activities due to various restrictions imposed by the government siting the action to contain the virus. However, all agricultural activities were never disrupted and the learning center also improved the cow farm and converted it to be more efficient, scientific and organized. Cattle rearing, milk production and food management are the regular activities of integrated cow farms, but recently we have also set up a center for the production of organic manure.” Niroj Shrestha, Project Manager of SCLC, Pharping

One of our residents Mr Silash Chepang quotes, “I have seen all these materials going into waste in my village. I now have knowledge to convert the waste for the production of organic manure. After completion of the program, I would return back and will try to train villagers to do the same.” 



Samjhana Danuwar is 24 year old and mother of a 2 years child, she is a beneficiary from our partner Hamro Palo, which offer workshops on education and empowerment for young, she tells :

“I learned so many new things during my participation at the workshops, among them- the dangerous signs of pregnancy, financial literacy, and mental health topics were new and interesting to me. In addition, I learned that delivering baby at home is unsafe for a pregnant woman. I will visit the hospital if I decide for second baby.” She is a participant of our 15 day program called – Sneh, designed for young mothers




Nanu Tamang is a woman of 45 years old and mother of a 12 years old daughter, she participated to the Income Generating Training from our partner SETU, which support vulnerable families affected with HIV through trainings and scholarship.

After a difficult period, Nanu has initiated her own small poultry in Naya Pati Kathmandou and plans to receive additional skills development training like vermi-composting which would add more efficiency and output to her current work.

She says "Now I see no major reasons to be unhappy. At least I have my own small land and if I become mentally strong, I can do an impactful livelihood activity on my own and teach an important lesson to my daughter too."