“I am happy to get such livestock opportunity training provided by Forward Looking and be more autonomous”

participants making organic manure

Testimony of Mr. Man Bhadur Bhujal, beneficiary of our partner Forward Looking.


Forward Looking is present in district of Gorkha and Palpa (center of Nepal) with the objective of reinforcing the capacity of disabled and disadvantaged children in providing them an appropriate education as well as professional training for the sensibilisation of social question, health, and sanitation. The organisation is also fighting to improve the way disabled people are viewed and treated in society.


Mr Man Bhadur Bhujal was born in remote area of Rampur village, in Palpa district within a poor family and knows economic challenges since his childhood. When he was 13 years old, he got an accident, his family member could not afford his medical fee due to the poor economic conditions. Slowly, he had troubles with his left leg, and it became shorter than normal one.

Following this accident, Man could not continue his education after secondary level and became the second disabled member of his family which added trouble to the family.

Therefore, he was in search of opportunity to rise his critical condition, he heard about livelihood project of Forward Looking through Rampur’s social mobilizer. He got livestock support from Forward Looking and financial support through ONGD-FNEL. Now he has a small poultry farm and a small vegetable farm to be more autonomous.

Mr Man Bhadur Bhujal attended livestock training provided by Forward Looking: he was grateful to get this opportunity. Now he hopes to be successful in his project for a better life and feels glad to be able to support his family members.


Despite his physical disability and many other challenges in his daily life, he is struggling for a better future. His success story and his struggle are one of the best examples for other disability persons.