Physical and social reintegration of physically disabled children and young adults with HRDC – Project 001


Project 001 / 2019 – 2023


ONGD – FNEL continues to support HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children). The objective of this organization is to ensure the inclusion and the participation of physically disabled children in society by elaborating an intervention plan for every child and by developing and reinforcing the referral system for complex cases before being treated by HRDC.


Due to this partner, children having physical handicaps are identified, receive treatments and necessary readjustments in mobile camps or in HRDC in Banepa with the ultimate goal of integrating the children back into their communities. The children will the supervised by the field staff regarding their education and their inclusion in society. The project also implies to advocate with local governments for the investment of local resources in favour of disabled children and create environments in order to reduce the stigmatisation and discrimination of disabled children in their communities.

Project details

178 715 € sur 5 ans

around 25 children per year

The HRDC hospital has been acknowledged by the Nepalese government and participates in national health campaigns and in the trainings of local specialised doctors. With the help of ONGD-FNEL and other financial partners HRDC is able to provide screenings and free health care to the most vulnerable disabled children, that live in remote areas of Nepal.


Furthermore, the hospital of HRDC conducts sensibilization workshops and campaigns on a national level in order to improve the reintegration of disabled children in the social life and schools. The physical rehabilitation of disabled children, as well as their re-education and supervision, which is realized by « Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) », improves the life conditions of those children and makes sure they receive an education.

The hospital is located in Banepa, Kavre district. HRDC also runs four satellite clinics in Nepalgunj, Ithari, Lahaan and Butwal as a part of its Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program. 

HRDC beneficiairies come from the entire country.


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