New lockdown in Nepal- Niroj Shrestha's Testimony

participants making organic manure

Greetings from Nepal,

Firstly, I would like to share some stories of Corona from Nepal, from 29th April, the government has ordered a 2nd Phase of Prohibitory (lockdown). Schools, colleges are already closed since last week. Due to lockdown, important services are only in operation. People are mostly locked down in our homes. This is a good idea to break the chain of corona spreading.

Our government has also given vaccines to the senior citizens and front liners. Front liners health workers got 2nd dose of vaccine while senior citizens and few teachers have 1st dose. Another important news is that Government has provided Chinese vaccines (Vero Cell) to public in different vaccination stations who are aged in between 18 to 60 years. This is good task of Nepal Goverment to save people from Covid-19.  

I also got the 1st Dose vaccine; we are now waiting for the government notice for the 2nd dose.

Our main problem now is the massive covid spreading in India, you might be aware about the Indian condition, more than 400000 people per day affected while more than 3000 people lost their lives. We have hundreds of open borders with India and millions of people working in India are returning to Nepal, so covid is spreading in drastic order in Nepal as well. Until today, we have 7000+ active cases per day and nearly 20+ death tolls per day, this is also scary, because Nepal does not have good medical infrastructure. The only way to be safe is to stay at home, stay contactless and apply safety measures as per the medical instruction by government. We needed to be much careful in this case.  

We look forward to the chain break of corona outbreak very soon.

Our school and college classes have turned into online. We are doing our best on it. Government schools' online classes are not running well due to lack of technology and access of internet in households. We have not opened our Computer Center for the public this time due to uncertainty of covid spread. The computer center was started in last year's pandemic for public. We installed 10 computers for public with access of internet and all other accessories.

Everything is closed in our municipality but our Bottle House Project is running with safety measures. Since it is an agriculture-based project, we must work on it. We have a very good team in the project, so that we have all working people during this 2nd pandemic as well.

I have prepared short update about the project for these 4 months. We have many some good news. Collaborating with Dakshinkali Municipality we are able to purchase a Boer Goat (87.5%). We can use this breed for producing more improved goats in our farm and also help the farmers who are doing goat farming. We also printed Covid Awareness Leaflet and distributed in public. A team of CLC is mobilized for spreading words of safety measures and prevention from covid using loud speakers. Some project activities are pending due to lockdown by government. Learning and Sharing has been integral part of Bottle House Project. Just before this 2nd Prohibitory order, we have few colleges from where we received social work students.  More than 400 students visited our farm who helped with manual works. During their visit, we share our social work practices and try to motivate them for social works.

Thanking ONGD-FNEL and Whole Team for all kind cooperation and support… Stay Safe…

Remembering ONGD-FNEL Family… please take care.



Niroj SCLC Project Manager