Aamaa (आमा ) – Improvement in the socio-economic status of women and support for child clubs with Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (Jcycn) – Project 026


Project 026 / 2026 – 2028


The Aamaa project, led by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (Jcycn), addresses the increasing violence against women and children in Nepal, focusing on marginalized Tamang and Dalit communities. Informed by Nepal Police and UN Women data, the project aims to empower women economically and socially, counteracting poverty, gender-based violence, and cultural obstacles. Building on a 2021-2022 pilot, Jcycn draws on lessons to enhance livelihood support, agricultural interventions, and social awareness, specifically targeting Tistung village in Makwanpur district.


  • Key objectives: The project seeks sustainable economic and social well-being by empowering marginalized indigenous men and women through livelihoods. It aims to improve knowledge on human rights and gender equality. Specific goals include empowering 85% of trained individuals in modern farming, ensuring 90% of non-farming enterprises have sustainable income through internal tourism, and achieving a 65% improvement in participants' knowledge of basic human rights.


  • The main activities include annual agricultural schools where farmers receive technical training on topics such as soil management, organic farming, and high-value crop cultivation. Material support is provided to apply the acquired knowledge. Each year, 25 farmers participate, receiving technical and material support for modern and sustainable farming practices, with a focus on the poorest households and prioritizing women. A letter of recommendation from the municipal office is required for participation.

Project details

€ 150 002

Anticipated direct beneficiaries include 75 participants in the Farmer Field School, 5 in homestays and enterprises, and 150 in child clubs. Additionally, 85 beneficiaries in tri-monthly meetings, 90 in exposure visits, 75 in residential training, 100+ in public talk shows, and 35+ in orientation on nutrition-friendly governance.

Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (Jcycn), founded in 2012, is committed to child rights and women's empowerment. Leveraging past successes, Jcycn integrates grassroots actions with higher-level interventions, advocating for policy improvements and strong collaboration with all levels of government. The project builds on Jcycn's pilot economic empowerment project and aligns with their holistic approach to uplift marginalized communities.

The project will take place mainly in the municipality of Thaha, Tistung and the surrounding areas of Makwanpur, a region where vulnerable populations, mainly Tamang and Dalits, are concentrated.

Fighting against :

  • Domestic violence 
  • Human trafficking
  • Child labour
  • Child malnutrition