Community Empowerment and Transformation Project with Being Youth – Project 025


Project 025 / 2024 – 2025


The Community Empowerment and Transformation Project, led by Being Youth, addresses multifaceted challenges in Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur. Focused on issues like school dropout, poor infrastructure, livelihood insecurity, migration, gender-based violence, and weak governance participation, the project builds on lessons from past collaborations. Drawing from a successful 2022-2023 initiative, the new project intensifies efforts to enhance education facilities, empower marginalized communities, and bolster governance capacity. Notably, it aims to minimize school dropout rates by providing resources, infrastructure improvements, and fostering community engagement.


  • Key objectives: The project aims to create a transformative environment by improving education access, enhancing economic stability, and fostering social resilience. Through vocational training, financial literacy programs, and community engagement initiatives, the project strives to break the cycle of poverty, empower marginalized communities, and elevate the quality and delivery of education services. By focusing on entrepreneurship, education access, and youth involvement in agriculture, the project targets sustainable development and increased community capacity.


  • The main activities encompass various initiatives. In the Laligurans project, there is a focus on Entrepreneurship Development, involving training women in local production, particularly in making school uniforms, bags, and artisanal items. Financial management is also emphasized to promote effective financial practices and sustainable economic approaches. The Diyo project aims to improve access to education by providing school supplies for 400 students, conducting parent awareness programs, enhancing teacher training, and investing in the infrastructure of four primary schools. Lastly, the Youth in Agriculture project offers agricultural training for young individuals and farmers, emphasizing sustainable practices, along with the establishment of a soil laboratory at the agricultural learning center.

Project details

€ 79 991

Anticipated beneficiaries include 200 women and men participating in entrepreneurship development, 400 youths and farmers engaged in agriculture training, 30 teachers undergoing skill development, and 300 households benefiting from education and resource distribution programs.

Being Youth is a non-governmental organization, established on April 8, 2012. It aims to alleviate the impact of limited access to education and low quality healthcare among isolated and marginalized communities in Nepal.
The association regularly organizes dental care camps and women health care camps. These camps are often organized in local public schools, where Being Youth also provides support with school materials and equipment.

  • Municipality of Thaha: Located in the Makwanpur district, the project will focus on the specific areas of the 3, 7, 8, 11, and 12th wards of the Municipality of Thaha.
  • Rural and Marginalized: These areas present particular challenges related to education, employment and empowerment, justifying the strategic choice of location for the project.

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