Support to physically disabled youths through technical trainings with Forward Looking – Project 024


Project 024 / 2019 – 2023


Forward Looking is a new partner of ONGD-FNEL starting with the new agreement in 2019. Forward Looking was founded in 2001 with the objective of reinforcing the capacity of disabled and disadvantaged children in providing them an appropriate education as well as professional training for the sensibilisation of social questions, health and sanitation.


In this project, 40 beneficiaries will be chosen each year from the district of Gorkha and Palpa. After the selection, they are regrouped, and their individual profiles are prepared. Each group receives a support in order to come up with guide lines, norms and values and define the roles and responsibilities of the different members.


Based on their individual profiles, the beneficiaries are placed in different trainings and businesses regarding their interest, their skillset, as well as the market and its possibility, rentability and durability. After the training, 30 beneficiaries will receive an additional training in order establish a business plan and they receive the necessary financial support for covering the start-up cost of their business. A supervision will be made after 2 years.

Project details

108 498 €

40 young adults each year

Forward Looking (FL) is a local association that works for the autonomy of disabled people in Nepal. They fight for improving the way that disabled people are viewed and treated in society. To achieve this, they lead generative initiatives of revenues, of capacity reinforcement and of education for disabled people, as well as education projects and campaigns for making the public aware of the problems that disables people face every day. 



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