Education and empowerment workshops for girls and boys and woman rights awareness with Hamro Palo - Project 023

Her Turn workshops graduates

Project 023 / 2019 – 2022

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Hamro Palo organises trainings called “Her Turn” for girls that are between 12 and 16 years old. The 4-week long trainings are held in schools by women from the community, that have been trained beforehand and talk about the following subjects:

  • Week 1 – Health: nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, etc.
  • Week 2 – Safety, early marriage, domestique violence, bullying, traffic, immigration, etc.
  • Week 3 – Confidence building: leadership
  • Week 4 – Community project: Each beneficiary receives a small allocation. They have to utilise their money in a group and come up with something (regarding as for example health, hygiene, etc.) for their community.


The project will help to deliver trainings to a total of 800 young girls in 2019 and 2020.

The same type of trainings will be held to 500 boys of the ages 12 - 16, as it has been proven that they play an important role for the security in their communities.


For the sensibilisation of rights, the project allows:

  • 10 young scholars in journalism produce every year articles, videos and other contents regarding the issues that girls have to face
  • 5 young “champions” of the cause organize 3 “success stories”, leadership initiative or products linked to media, which will shed light on the problems girls have to deal with in their communities
  • A report about the analysed impact of the training “Her Turn” of previous years will be written
  • 10 radio emissions will be produced together with social mobilizers and local community radio channels
  • One day of « International Girls Day Celebration » will be organized

Project details

140 000 € in 4 years

  • 800 young girls and 500 young boys
  • Nepalese communities

The mission of Hamro Palo, which means “Our tour” in Nepalese, consists in making young adults, boys and women independent and giving them skills and knowledge so that they can create their own future in safety. Furthermore, Hamro Palo provides services that are adapted to the culture, which will enhance the skills of adolescences regarding subjects such as health, security, confidence and leadership. Founded in 2012, Hamro Palo was a program (Her Turn) hosted by other Nepalese NGO’s. The programmatic expertise of HP has been developed for six years with young adults from rural areas and recently with boys. In March 2018, 5660 adolescents and 1190 boys in 75 schools and 15 rural municipalities have benefitted from the program, as well as 340 local instructors have been formed.



Gender equality

Human rights

Menstrual hygiene

Early marriage


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