Trainings for young disadvantaged girls and operation of a post-production unit with SAATH – Project 022


Project 022 / 2019 – 2023


The project supports young women that find themselves in vulnerable situations. With a 6 month long sewing training and various other workshops, SAATH tries to make these young women independent again in giving them the necessary skills to become autonomous in their own communities, financially stable and giving them an active role in taking decisions.


The majority of the women return to their communities after completion of the training but some of them continue working in the post production unit of SAATH. They receive the orders of the shop and produce them at their own places. The products sold enable SAATH to raise fund, which will be put in a bank with the goal of becoming financially independent, without the help of exterior donors.


In 2017, SAATH opened its first selling point for displaying the products of the young women and sell them on the local market as well as internationally.


With the help of the project, a second shop could be opened, that reaches a different tranche of customers. This makes it possible to train more beneficiaries and increase the stock of funds so that the organization will be autonomous after the period of 5 years. 

Project details

177 428 €

85 young women during 5 years

SAATH focusses on the education, socialisation, reinforcement of capacities and subsistence methods of girls and children that come from marginalized communities. The association currently runs two showcase projects: a project which helps the school enrolment and socialisation of children that are HIV positive and a project of sewing trainings for girls from marginalized communities. 

Women trainings take place in Dhanusa district. The post-production workshop and the SAATH stores are located in Kathmandu.

Gender equality


Decent work

Equal opportunities

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