Development of digital learning materials for children literacy in primary schools with OLE Nepal – Project 021


Project 021 / 2019 – 2023


OLE Nepal was founded in 2017 and has the mission to address the inequality in the deliverance of quality education in Nepal with the help of technological materials.


Nepal has had significant progress in the education sector by improving its school enrolment during the last 20 years. However, looking at a report of USAID in 2014, regarding the national evaluation of early reading, 34 % of the children in second grade and 19 % of the children in third grade are not able to read a single Nepalese word. Ever since, with the technical support of USAID, the minister of education has introduced a program of early reading in order to improve primary education and performance with teacher trainings, the distribution of reading materials and community support.


The goal of the project is to create and develop a numeral learning platform, which enables young students to improve their skills in reading. The interactive utilisation of audio visuals, illustrations and animations is a very effective method for young students to learn by listening to illustrated stories, decoding phrases, learning vocabulary and forming words out of simple letters. At the same time, they can learn the alphabet, listen to the sound of the language and learn how to write the letters of the Nepalese language. Although OLE Nepal has already developed some numeral materials (E-Paath) for grades 1 to 8, those materials are not adequately covering the techniques of early reading, which are nevertheless very asked in school. OLE Nepal’s team of educators, system designers and developers are in the process of creating an attractive and intuitive learning platform for students of the primary grades, which will help to improve their skills in reading and understanding.


The content will be freely accessible on their website and can be downloaded by all the Nepalese schools through local governments and educational authorities.

Project details

150 074 €

Nepalese children in grade 1 to 3 

Open Learning Exchange (OLE Nepal) is a social aid group created in 2007 with the goal of improving the quality of education and reducing the unequal access to qualitative learning resources, that still exists between different geographic regions, types of schools and populations. OLE Nepal was a pioneer in trying to integrate technology into education in order to improve the process of teaching and learning in Nepal. They tied up with the Department of Education in Nepal in 2008, with the goal of launching a learning initiative that is integrated in portable computers. Ever since, the program has progressively grown during the years, by additionally including specialized trainings for teachers. Today they have a free downloadable software for grades 2 to 8 and an electronic library with more than 7500 resources that can be accessed freely.

The office of OLE Nepal is located in Kathmandu but the programs are accessible throughout the country.



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