Vocational training centre for young marginalized people with DIRDC – Project 019


Project 019 / 2019 – 2023


The project will be continued from its start in July 2017 and its goal is to improve the access to job opportunities for marginalized youths and adults by providing them professional trainings, that are certified and qualitative. In this way, the project can create qualified human resources and improve the income of households. 


For now, the project will continue in the same way as in 2018 with two training sessions for sewing and plumbing per year. In 2021, the project will be extended to a third training and a new infrastructure will be looked for in order to continue the centre. Each session will train 20 students, coming from disadvantages areas and deaf children will also get the opportunity to participate in the trainings due to an interpreter working for the project. Connections will be made with local businesses to ensure the employment of the young adults and they will be supervised for two years.


A market study will be made during the second and fourth year of the project, in order to adapt the training to the current market conditions if necessary. This makes sure that the participants will be trained into a qualified workforce and receive numerous job opportunities.

Project details

376 683 €

80 to 120 young adults per year

Dhaulagiri Integrated Rural Development Centre (DIRDC) is a non-profit organization created in 2002 by residents of Baglung in order to provide social services to individuals that are marginalized, poor, disadvantaged or disabled. The main accomplishment of the association is the development and operation of a renowned primary and secondary school for deaf children in Nepal. Furthermore, the associating has worked for various development projects in the district of Baglung.

The training center is located in Baglung and students come from all over the country.


Decent work

Equal opportunities