Hospitality training for disadvantaged youths with Right4Children – Project 016

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Project 016 / 2019 – 2023

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With the help of this project, young adults from unsafe backgrounds, will receive professional skills linked to the hospitality industry and R4C will make sure that those people will find jobs with decent salaries. The project will help those young people to break free from poverty and live an independent life, at the same time fighting against the poverty level.
To obtain such results, they first have to identify and select young people from disadvantaged areas, to participate in the trainings. After they have been selected they will receive professional trainings in different domains that are linked to the hospitality industry (as for example: housekeeper, cook, waiter, barman, etc.). Different courses will be added throughout the years, when the infrastructures and instalments of the school are extended. The school will establish and maintain strong relationships with the hospitality industry on a national and international level, so that the trainees will have clear and safe job opportunities at the end of the training.

An agreement to supervise the scholarship, will be signed with each beneficiary so that the latter can finish his end studies in Nepal, close to the family, which also contributes to the development of the country.


A budget for the infrastructure of the school was foreseen in order to have a good maintenance of the buildings.

Project details

180 010 € in 5 years

100 young adults 

The team of Right4children has the technical skills, knowledge and necessary experience to plan, facilitate and evaluate the impacts and results of the project.


They have already done a lot of changes in the education sector, including improving school environments and making them appropriate to children, as well as create preschool education centres, professional trainings and ensure the collaboration with child clubs.


For the project of the hospitality school, Right4Children will collaborate with GATE (Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education), a Nepalese institution of trainings renowned for its grade of excellency for its courses, affiliated at a swiss hospitality college.

FAB School is located in Pokhara, Kaski District, but students come from all over the country.


Equal opportunities

Decent work

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