Improvement of the school environment and promotion of child rights through media with Right4Children – Project 012

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Project 012 / 2019 – 2023


The goal of the project is to improve governmental and community schools in Nepal and to make them safer. In this regard, the activities of the project focus on the creation of a better school environment by enhancing the infrastructures of schools and by improving the skills of teachers, child clubs and local committees that are responsible for the school management.


The main activities are the following:

  • Improving the physical environment of schools (improving classrooms, hygiene, access to water and wholesomeness, instalments for security and protection, playgrounds for children, etc.).
  • Teacher trainings for improving their skills (for a fun learning environment based on activities)
  • Promotion of TICs as teaching material in classrooms
  • Activities for the protection and the promotion of child rights, in particular the right for education, through media programs, radio episodes for children, art and theatre activities, etc.

Project details

519 998 € in 5 years

Students, teachers and parents of 30 schools

Right4Children (R4C). The mission of R4C is to make the voices of young disadvantaged individuals heard and to improve their access in practical education in order to receive skills and job opportunities, that should help them to jumpstart into their future. 



Rights of the child


Gender equality

Menstrual hygiene


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