Trainings for teachers and parents in rural schools with Dhulikkel Hospital – Project 002


Project 002 / 2019 – 2021


The project has for objective to transform the education in Nepal with a high-quality holistic training program for teachers. Furthermore, we want to play a key role in the development of teachers, trainers, educational leaders, professionals of development and researchers, who can contribute to a social transformation.
The project will focus on the following aspects:

  • Help teachers to plan their lessons/activities
  • Help teachers to manage their classes
  • Help teachers to use elaborated education for children with a lower performance
  • Organize exposure visits to show teachers improved teaching and learning environments
  • Provide advice to parents regarding their roles and responsibilities in order to improve the learning of children


Project details

10 850 € in 3 years

students, parents and teachers in 6 rural schools

The Dhulikhel Hospital is an independent non-profit non-governmental institution founded and supported by the community in Dhulikel and provides quality health support. It manages 14 health posts that are situated in rural areas in 6 different districts, where they also propose community development services. The hospital runs a community project in collaboration with the School of Education of the university in Kathmandu (KUSOED), which is the organization that will implement the project. KUSOED is one of the seven schools of the University in Kathmandu. It was created in 1997 with the goal of improving the quality of education in the country. The first activity of the school consisted in improving the schools of the municipality in Dhulikhel, particularly by conducting education programs for teachers.