Empowering Communities for Sustainable Development through Continued Education, Climate Action, and Sustainable Agriculture with Shikharapur Community Learning Centre - Project 102


Project 102 / 2024 – 2028

Building upon the success of our prior collaboration with Shikharapur Community Learning Centre (SCLC) from 2019-2023, we aim to amplify our impact in the coming years. This new project places a strong emphasis on empowering communities for sustainable development through continued education, climate action, and sustainable agriculture is a transformative initiative led by Shikharapur Community Learning Centre (SCLC). This five-year project, spanning from 2024 to 2028, aims to address critical challenges in the agricultural sector in Nepal, promoting climate-smart practices, and enhancing the social, human, financial, and land capital of youth and farmers.


Key objectives:

The project's core objectives are not merely a continuation of our endevours but an evolution. The core objectives of the project include:

  • Promoting climate-smart agriculture bye stablishing a model farm as a symbol of sustainable agriculture, showcasing cutting-edge technologies—from solar irrigation to composting toilets.
  • Building agricultural expertise by establishing the Agricultural Learning Resource Center (ALRC), a state-of-the-art hub for knowledge and excellence in agriculture.
  • Empowering the next generation by training rural youth and farmers to impart knowledge in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and practical field practices.
  • Fostering climate resilience by initiating internships and practical training to fortify communities against the impacts of climate change.


The main activities are focused on establishing the model farm, "Bottle House," which serves as a hub for training, meetings, and visitors. This involves purchasing land, implementing solar irrigation, rainwater harvesting, greenhouses, composting toilets, nurseries, seed banks, and experimenting with climate-smart agricultural practices. Additionally, the Agricultural Learning Resource Center (ALRC) is set up with equipment and resources for training, laboratory tests, and workshops, providing services to visitors. The project emphasizes educating rural youth, connecting them to local schools, and offering training to both youth and farmers in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. Lastly, efforts are directed towards enhancing the targeted community's resilience to climate change through support for students from other schools, practical opportunities, internships, and technical assistance to schools in establishing practical centers for student development and in-house product creation.

Project details

€ 290,199 for 5 years

The project aims to benefit approximately 3,000 individuals directly, including rural youth, farmers, and women. Specific targets involve supporting open school education, training farmers, and establishing additional farmer-entrepreneur groups.

Shikharapur Community Learning Centre (SCLC) stands as a beacon of grassroots dedication. Operating in Dakshinkali Municipality and Indrasarowar Rural Municipality, SCLC is more than an organization; it's a catalyst for education, youth empowerment, and community development in Nepal. Aligned with the broader goals of ONGD-FNEL, SCLC's mission echoes our commitment to dignified lives for all through education and empowerment.

  • In the southern belt of the city of Kathmandu, including remote areas of the Makwanpur district.
  • The beneficiaries come mainly from the rural municipality of Indra Sarowar (Makwanpur) and the municipality of Dakshinkali (Kathmandu).

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Empowering Communities for Sustainable Development through Continued Education, Climate Action, and Sustainable Agriculture