Gender-Equal Future: Amplifying Adolescent Girls' Leadership with Hamro Palo – Project 023

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Project 023 / 2024 – 2028

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The project addresses the marginalized status of adolescent girls in Nepal, focusing on already existing issues of which some were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on the successful 2019-2023 framework, it expands the "Her Turn" and "His Chance" programs, introducing new elements like refresher workshops, teacher training, and out-of-school initiatives. Recognizing the impact of gender-based violence post-disaster, the project aims to mitigate vulnerabilities and empower both girls and boys through comprehensive educational and support programs.


  • Key objectives: The primary goal is to mobilize adolescents, enhancing their skills and knowledge. Concrete objectives include continuing and refining the "Her Turn" and "His Chance" programs, supporting schools with WASH and library programs, and initiating teacher training. The project also aims to create a platform for adolescent girls, teachers, mentors, and women's rights groups to collaborate, fostering community activism.


  • The main activities include school-based programs aimed at creating an inclusive educational space by addressing gender norms through interactive workshops covering topics such as personal empowerment, resilience, communication skills, and reproductive health. The use of participatory methods, role-playing, and open discussions encourages critical thinking and understanding of gender issues. The project provides adolescent girls with tools to challenge gender stereotypes, boost their confidence, and promote gender equality. Additionally, the project supports schools by improving access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, establishing libraries with diverse educational resources, providing teacher training on gender-based violence awareness, harassment prevention, and fostering a respectful and inclusive school culture. Furthermore, the project organizes annual leadership conferences for teenage girls to develop their skills and share ideas.

Project details

€ 200 027

The project targets diverse beneficiaries, including 400 adolescents in the education and empowerment programs, 160 community schoolteachers in training, and 200 adolescent girls participating in the annual leadership conference, among others. The total reaches an estimated 2000 individuals.

The mission of Hamro Palo, which means “Our tour” in Nepalese, consists in making young adults, boys and women independent and giving them skills and knowledge so that they can create their own future in safety. Furthermore, Hamro Palo provides services that are adapted to the culture, which will enhance the skills of adolescences regarding subjects such as health, security, confidence and leadership. Founded in 2012, Hamro Palo was a program (Her Turn) hosted by other Nepalese NGO’s. The programmatic expertise of HP has been developed for six years with young adults from rural areas and recently with boys. 

  • The project will be implemented in the districts of Sindhupalchok and Nuwakot in Bagmati province, as well as in Kathmandu, areas with particular educational and social needs.
  • These locations have been chosen on the basis of the urgent need for intervention and prior engagement with local authorities and schools.

Gender equality

Human rights

Menstrual hygiene

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