Support and Empowerment for Vulnerable Children and Youth in Nepal with Umbrella Organization Nepal – Project 014

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Project 014 / 2024 – 2028

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This initiative builds upon the success of a previous partnership with Umbrella Organization Nepal (UON). In the 2019-2023 framework, the project focused on post-support services and preservation/support of family units. The new project addresses persisting issues in access to quality education and authentic information for vulnerable children and youth in Nepal. It specifically targets reintegration challenges and the lack of career guidance for school leavers.


  • Key objectives: The project's core objectives are twofold. Firstly, it seeks to offer critical financial support to 13 reintegrated children and youth, tailoring assistance based on individual needs. This involves ensuring access to quality education by covering expenses like fees, uniforms, books, and stationery up to grade 12. Monthly livelihood support and medical aid will also be provided, fostering a stable foundation for their well-being. Additionally, support extends to enabling these youths to access volunteer placements, promoting both personal development and community engagement. Monitoring visits will be integral to guaranteeing the ongoing success of the reintegration process. Secondly, the project aims to impact a broader demographic, supporting 1500 vulnerable youths through the operation of Chautari Youth Club in Kathmandu. The club will serve as an information and learning hub, offering informal advice on various topics such as sexual reproductive health, safe migration, and employability skills. Workshops, vocational training, and community-led activities will empower these young individuals to navigate challenges associated with independent living, bridging the gap between institutional care and societal reintegration. Through these objectives, the project envisions a holistic and sustainable approach to supporting vulnerable populations in Nepal.


  • The main activities include supporting the lives and education of reintegrated children by providing educational assistance (tuition fees, uniforms, books, supplies, etc.) until the completion of their 12th grade. Additionally, the project supports young individuals in accessing volunteer internships and conducts follow-up visits to review their care plans. Furthermore, the project operates the Chautari Youth Club in Kathmandu, offering counseling services on reproductive health, career guidance, personal and social development. Workshops cover various topics such as safe migration, reproductive health, nutrition, independence, career planning skills, and internet safety. The project provides computer skills training and other professional development to enhance employability and independence, along with emergency support when needed, and facilitates youth-led community/educational activities.

Project details

€ 215,593

The project intends to benefit 13 reintegrated children and youth, along with referral cases. Additionally, 1500 youths will be supported through Chautari Youth Club in Kathmandu.

Umbrella Organization Nepal (UON) is a charitable organization that strives for reducing the impact of trafficking, poverty and war on Nepalese children through projects that promote education, reintegration and community development.


UON has been working in child protection through care homes for displaced children since 2005 and has been reintegrating children and young adult since 2011. They constantly review and update their proceeding methods based on their gained knowledge in order to have effective policies to help reintegrated children and their families. The director of the program of UON has been responsible for the reintegration before and has a lot of years of experience in all the aspects of reintegration: in looking for families and the evaluation of different case to the preparation of monitoring plans.


UON also works in close collaboration with local competent authorities in order to define their interference in a correct and appropriated manner.


They have been selected by Unicef to be their executive partner in various districts, that have been affected by the earthquake in 2015, which enables them to conduct holistic projects for the whole of the community. 

  • Project based in Kathmandu, with follow-up visits to 17 districts of Nepal
  • Operation of the Chautari Youth Club (CYC), also in Kathmandu, as a meeting point for young people from all over the country


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