Support for families that are affected by HIV with the help of livelihood trainings and scholarships with SETU Nepal


Project 006 / 2024 – 2028


SETU Nepal, under the ONGD-FNEL Framework Agreement 2024 - 2028, aims to enhance the livelihood of vulnerable populations, specifically women and children affected by HIV. Focused on addressing gender discrimination, education discontinuation, mental and physical health, and poor school management, the project builds on lessons from previous initiatives. It extends support through transit home services, ensuring residential care, medical treatment, psychological counselling, and formal education. Compared to previous projects, this phase emphasizes sustained independence for HIV-affected children, aligning with the organization's goal of long-term impact.


  • Key objectives: the project seeks to provide better access to medical facilities, counselling, and nutritional education, while also offering temporary shelter for education, social, and health issues. Key objectives include continuous monitoring, proper record-keeping, follow-ups on academic performance, and assessment of medical and nutritional status.


  • The project provides transitional housing services, offering residential support to vulnerable women and children affected by HIV. It encompasses medical treatment, psychological counseling, and formal education. In the context of medical care, it focuses on improving access to medical facilities, counseling, and nutritional education. Additionally, the project offers temporary shelter with medical care, nutritional support, and counseling for vulnerable mothers and children. Its commitment extends to academic and health monitoring, fostering ongoing community involvement. The emphasis on organizational independence for sustainable impact is highlighted, including through the SETU Nepal Social Enterprise (SNSE).

Project details

€ 100,000

The project targets vulnerable members of the HIV-affected community, focusing on specifically 10 children and 2 mothers. Specific criteria include females, children under 18, orphans, and single parents, without differentiation based on community or ethnic background.

SETU Nepal collaborates with local authorities, aligning with ONGD-FNEL's mission of education for all. The project fits into the national context by addressing the gap in government plans for children affected by HIV. The partner organization, SETU Nepal, is in the process of establishing sustainability through the SETU Nepal Social Enterprise (SNSE) for income generation.

  • The women supported by the project come mainly from the centre and east of the country.
  • The project is located in the Lalitpur district in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley.
  • This specific location was chosen on the basis of a number of factors, including
    • Prevalence of populations affected by HIV
    • Need for support in the region
    • Existing infrastructure
    • Partnerships that SETU Nepal has in this region.

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