Reintegration and scholarships for children that are illegally in prison with HRASC – Project 004

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Project 004 / 2019 – 2021 - COMPLETED PROJECT


The first phase of this project will focus on helping and rehabilitating slowly the children of prisoners that are accommodated in a Home located in Kathmandu. The goal is to slowly stop incorporating new children and close the home in June 2019. The project will improve the community support program for children of prisoners. As certain children will probably still need support and supervision, the project that has been developed for the second phase will provide the necessary support for those children.


The second phase of the project is going to start in July 2019 and will run in association with other Nepalese organizations (Advocacy Forum and the Nepal Bar Association) with the goal of saving children from illegal imprisonment, where they risk being exposed to bad treatment and torture, as well as are deprived from educational services. The project tries to liberate the children from the illegal imprisonment, link them to their family and give them educational trainings as well as other competences regarding their needs.

Project details

55 010 € in 3 years

The project will help to find educational support in the community for 40 children of prisoners. Furthermore, they want to liberate, assist and bring back together families of 450 children that have been victims of illegal detention. 

Human Rights and Accountability Study Centre (HRASC) was founded in December 2018 by a group of people from social and juridical backgrounds. The coordinator is a lawyer and will be supported by advisors and volunteers. Two other volunteers are recruited as well in order to do the regular supervisions on the field. The staff is trained regarding child rights and psychosocial orientation and they should have previous experience in the management of rehabilitation programs.

HRASC is based in Kathmandu but its actions cover different juvenile centers across the country.


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