This third month started really colourful. The first of March the Holi Festival took place in Kathmandu. It is the Hindi Festival of colours and water. During the festival, people throw coloured powder around and paint other people’s faces with it and wish each other a Happy Holi. In the streets, the children are armed with waterguns and waterballons and wait for their victims to pass. The residents even throw buckets full of water down on the people passing in the streets, so you better have a watchful eye on the windows. 3 spanish volunteers and me spent the day in Kathmandu and had an awesome experience.

Un grand merci aux Wangert Bikers Mersch pour leur généreux appui de 1000 euros remis le 21 février 2018 !

Hi my name is Tom Hoffmann. Right now thanks to ONGD-FNEL, I’m a volunteer in Nepal for the NGO “Prisoner Assistance Nepal”. I have been here for now almost a month during which, thanks to Indira Ranamagar the founder of PA Nepal, I have already seen a lot of Nepal. With three other volunteers from France we made a 5-day-trip to the south-east of Nepal. There we visited many different projects of PA Nepal including the “ Boys Jungle Home” in Jhapa. In an other village we distributed cookies, blankets and Mützen.