Ce jeudi 24 mai 2018 une formation en reporting financier a été organisée conjointement entre l’ONGD-FNEL et ECPAT Luxembourg à Katmandou. 
Au total 6 personnes travaillant pour deux organisations partenaires de l’ONGD-FNEL, Shikarapur Community Learning Centre et Prisoners Assistance Nepal, ont bénéficié d’un coaching personnalisé délivré par la responsable administration et finances du bureau d’ECPAT Luxembourg au Népal. Cette session avait pour but de partager des bonnes pratiques en matière de planification, suivi et reporting financier – et est un bel exemple de collaboration entre ONG luxembourgeoises.



Maykadifference ass déi éischt Editioun vun engem uerdentlechemen Fest, organiséiert vun der ONGD-FNEL. Den 13ten Mee sollen eis Memberen an hier Famill, d‘ Donateur’en, d‘Partner, Frënn an d’Leit vum Cents e flotten Daag am Park vun eisem Siège um Fetschenhaff verbréngen. D‘ Konzept ass fir zousätzlech vun den Aktivitéiten vun enger traditionneller Scoutskiirmess nach méi ze bidden.

D’ONGD freet sech op Aeren Besuch


At the beginning of April I visited together with Julie from the ONGD-FNEL and Marc, a camera man, different projects from the ONGD here in Nepal. First we went to visit a model farm, meaning a farm where people from the surrounding villages were taught how to organize a farm and how to get their products on the market in order to make profit. We went to see different farmers who already finished the training and built their own farms, funded by the ONGD.

This third month started really colourful. The first of March the Holi Festival took place in Kathmandu. It is the Hindi Festival of colours and water. During the festival, people throw coloured powder around and paint other people’s faces with it and wish each other a Happy Holi. In the streets, the children are armed with waterguns and waterballons and wait for their victims to pass. The residents even throw buckets full of water down on the people passing in the streets, so you better have a watchful eye on the windows. 3 spanish volunteers and me spent the day in Kathmandu and had an awesome experience.